II (Ibero-American) Workshop on Requirements Engineering
Buenos Aires, Argentina
9-10 September, 1999

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Writing Industrial Papers 

We welcome papers written by professionals in the field of requirements engineering. Special attention will be given to papers presenting real problems and difficulties arising in software development. It is not necessary to have a solution for them. We also welcome papers presenting novel approaches. The industrial papers are expected to have the following structure: 
  • Introduction:
Problem area, identification of the environment variables, and overview of the problem.
  • Problem characterization:
Description of the problem sources, characteristics (management, social, technical, etc.), importance and consequences. 
  • Description of difficulties and/or solution:
Description of the problem components (its partition and identification of the relevant parts), description of the failed attempts to solve the problem, perceived causes for failure and/or description of the adopted solution. 
  • Analysis of the inadequacies of the known methods and techniques and/or comparison with other approaches:
Discussion about the inadequacies of the existing methods and techniques and/or comparison with alternative approaches. 

The structure above is only a suggestion; other formats will be considered. 

We strongly recommend for the professionals to write about their experience. You don't need to have a paper; if you have a good problem or a novel approach we will help you to write the paper. Help will be given on aspects of technical writing, relevant literature, suppression of obvious parts, existing similar case studies, etc. 

We would like to stress that submission of an industrial paper and its acceptation will be a good opportunity for discussing the problem/solution with the workshop participants and, hopefully, to get new ideas about it. 

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