II (Ibero-American) Workshop on Requirements Engineering
Buenos Aires, Argentina
9-10 September, 1999

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The workshop is expected to run on two days. In the first day there will be talks from invited speakers, presentation of accepted papers, and discussions on the two special tracks themes: education and industrial uptake. The second day will be mainly for group meetings and the workshop conclusions.

There will be two special tracks: education and industrial uptake. Each one with two people in charge of motivating discussion on its relevant aspects. 

First Day Second Day
Morning Invited talk
Papers presentation
Papers presentation
Afternoon Discussion session Group meetings
Discussion and evaluation
Evening Dinner -

A detailed program may be found following this link.

In order for the papers to be published in the proceedings at least one author should be registered. The registration form can be obtained via ftp (regforme.txt) and should be sent by e-mail to Alejandro Oliveros.

Invited Speaker
There will be a keynote address by Prof. Joseph A. Goguen.
Towards a Rigorous Approach to User Interface Design

One of the most puzzling areas for requirements engineering is user interface
design (UID).  One reason for this may be that UID has been a largely ad hoc
activity, without a definite scientific basis.  This paper motivates and
sketches a new approach to UID, called *algebraic semiotics*, which combines
aspects of algebraic specification with social semiotics.  Some examples are
discussed from theorem proving and other areas.

Educational Track
The objective is to raise educational aspects relevant to RE dissemination and education of RE researchers and professionals. 

Industrial Track
The objective is to discuss difficulties faced by industry on, and the opportunities already existent for, the adoption of RE methods and techniques. 

We hope to have contributions by RE professionals to the discussion. For this, there will be help for them to submit communications on their problems and experience. See details on the appropriate page

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